May 24, 2020

Episode 9 - Getting started with public speaking

Welcome back to Code Cafeteria. We decided to take a few weeks off, but are now back with a new episode. This week we're launching into a mini-series on public speaking and how to get into public speaking. This first of a couple of planned episodes around the topic is about how we got started, what appeals to us about preparing and delivering technical talks and some fundamental ideas that might help you to get out there yourself: 

  • Your first talk doesn't have to be a 60 minutes slot at a global event - start with a local meetup.
  • Your first time in front of people doesn't even have to be a talk. You could just co-run a meetup night and make some organisational announcements.   
  • Ideas for talks sometimes come to you in mysterious ways, embrace even random ideas.
  • If English is not your first language, that's totally not a problem. The tech community is full of people with a non-English background.

For more ideas, listen to the episode...

Next time, we'll look into in more detail into deciding on a topic, coming up with an abstract for your idea and then submitting it to conference.

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