June 8, 2020

Episode 10 - Submitting a talk and the selection process

This is the second part of our mini-series on public speaking and we're talking about the selection process. All three of us have been on both sides of the table. We've submitted talks to a lot of conferences ourselves, but we also have been part of the selection processes of tech conferences.

When it comes to being a speaker, we're covering the typical steps of a submission process. What is a call for papers (or proposals)? How do you deal with submission systems? What can and should you expect from an event and what are potential red flags? But we also want to raise awareness about what happens behind the scenes. It's important to understand the challenges around selecting talks and building an agenda from an organiser's or content committee's point of view. How do they operate and what are the typical ways a group of people tackles a pool of a few hundred talk submissions.

In the next (and probably last) episode of our mini-series we're going to look into the actual process of ideation around a talk and give you some tips for writing an abstract that hopefully gets accepted at the conference of your desire.

If you want to go back to the first episode of this mini-series, this is the link: Getting Started


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