March 30, 2020

Episode 7 - Crossing all the animals?

The pandemic is - not to anyone's surprise - still not over. As more countries go into lockdowns, at least there's now a game for the Nintendo Switch that seems to have captured everyone's hearts. It offers the perfect storm of Kawaii cuteness and escapism into an alternative reality in which you live with lovely animals on an island building civilisation from scratch. Which - hmm - sounds a bit awkward.

We're obviously talking about Animal Crossing New Horizons. Depending on one's count and if one included spin-off titles like Pocket Camp on Android and iOS in the count, it's the 5th or 8th instance of the successful Nintendo game franchise. And it seems to have taken off unlike any other game in our bubble and group of friends. On most afternoons or nights pretty much every single one of our Nintendo Switch friends who are online play Animal Crossing these days.

All three of us got the game on launch day. Actually we all pre-purchased and downloaded it before launch day and the game just unlocked in the middle of the night. When we did this recording, we were just about 1 week into the game and already see different strategies and interests. While Miguel went wild on creating custom designs, Lara turned out to be a collector and fish/bug hoarder while Kai is trying to make big bells, with fruit selling. 

We talk about our experiences with the game, how more and more of our close friends got sucked into the game and what you can do to get more out of the game.

And if you're wondering about our reference to the fruit and resource stealing by a friend of us, this incident was obviously documented on Twitter...

In case you want to play with us, below are our Nintendo Switch friend codes:

Miguel: 2754-0743-7310
Lara: 8359-7630-6308
Kai: 3852-3319-8305


External sources being mentioned:

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