April 5, 2020

Episode 7A - Animal Crossing with our friends

There's a new Nintendo Switch game that is keeping our minds busy in these difficult times. A game that couldn’t have come at a better time. Of course we are still talking about Animal Crossing

Today’s episode 7A is the second episode about this game. This time we tried doing something different though: We invited a whole lot of our friends that also play the game to an online meeting room and we had a bit of chat about their experiences with the game and cover some extra topics like the bunny day event, sharing an island or using Animal Crossing Amiibos and Amiibo cards.

So, we got together with:

Jen (2010-4877-8227)
Helen (8425 2934 5599)
and Nick (3984-7759-3378)

Switch friend codes in round brackets.  

After a bit of general chat, we start off with the bunny day event. Some people don't mind getting inundated by eggs instead of fish and wood, but others like Miguel and Helen are really annoyed by it. If at least the DIY recipes were any good...

Jen talks about playing on the same island with her husband. Turns out that the first player on the island becomes responsible for everything the Nooks want to get done while the other players can happily do their own thing... :)

Diane and Nick introduce us to the concepts and the use of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards and Diane elaborates on her struggle to invite her favourite cat Rosie to the island. 

It was lots of fun for us getting together with our friends and we hope you enjoy this episode, too!



Also: if you were wondering what the Animal Crossing clown sheep character looks like...




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