March 20, 2020

Episode 6A - Chatting about moving to remote work at Raygun with John-Daniel Trask

Ok, we've done that weird thing again and went off the main line of the podcast to sneakily injected an interview.

After last week's episode about how things change in the tech industry in these pandemic times, we thought it'd be interesting to get some other people's views on remote work and business continuity planning. Let's face it: Lara, Miguel and I have very clear views on why we prefer remote work and at the same time have less experience from working in *really large* organisations. Also - our respective business setups are rather small, family-sized operations and we don't face challenges that come with being responsible for employees.

In episode 6A we're having a chat with John-Daniel (JD) Trask, one of the co-founders and CEO of Raygun. They have about 50 staff in Wellington, New Zealand as well as Seattle in the US and some remote contributors in various places in the world.

After the novel coronavirus and Covid-19 took off globally (and then in NZ), JD has made a very early decision to switch from an office-based setup with occasional remote work to a make everyone work remote. Some people perceived that to be *so* early, that he even had to face some criticism for undertaking this step.

We got together (obviously physically distancing) to talk about their situation, what JD's reasoning was for acting early and how it's been working out so far. 

Have fun listening and wash your hands!!! 




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