February 29, 2020

Episode 5 - Pets as co-workers

We're back in the main line of Code Cafeteria this week and spend some time to talk about our pets and other animals and how they influence us in our home and work lives.

While Lara works from an office most days of the week, Miguel and Kai both work remotely from home and have their respective animals around. But Lara's company allows dogs at work and we talk about what the pros and cons of that can be. Particularly in a shared, open plan office, bringing your animals to work can be great, but can also cause all sorts of issues.

Join us for some entertaining anecdotes from our animals or from friends who have been visited by rather unusual office companions...

External sources being mentioned:

Lily (living with Lara & Miguel) and Kylo (living with Kai) on Twitter

Dogs at Flick Electric in Wellington

Benefits of Office Dogs

Didga and Boomer on YouTube

Music by Chillhop: https://chillhop.com/listen


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