February 22, 2020

Episode 3A - Talking BSD with Lenz Gschwendtner

Episode 3AAAWHAT???

Yes, dear listeners - we went back to episode 3 about operating systems for developers. And then we branched off from master into a special feature episode 3A to talk about BSD.

For this special feature episode, we reached out to Lenz Gschwendtner, who's been using BSD for server and infrastructure hosting as well as his main daily driver on his laptop for years.

Miguel and Kai spent about 30 minutes to talk with Lenz about his background and how he ended up in the BSD ecosystem and what makes it interesting and worthwhile to use it. We also cover topics like available software, hardware compatibility and many more. Hope you enjoy this out-of-schedule recording. 

We're back to our usual schedule next week...

External sources being mentioned:



Laptops on FreeBSD


Music by Chillhop: https://chillhop.com/listen

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