February 2, 2020

Episode 3 - Operating Systems for Developers

 "Developers, Developers, Developers!!!" - anyone remembering a slightly weird behaving Steve Ballmer running up and down the stage at a Windows 2000 developer conference, chanting these words? At the time he wanted to make clear how Microsoft would focus on developers now and that developers were such an important audience of Microsoft.

Let's see how that holds up in 2020. In this episode we’re getting a bit more technical and talk about operating systems for developers. The discussion about what the best OS for a developer is has been going on for years. But is there a best operating system, an actual winner? Or does it maybe come down to personal preferences or even individual projects? And sometimes, operating system choices can be driven by hardware choices or vice versa as well.

How big is the difference in day-to-day usage between operating systems these days anyway? We spend so much time in our IDEs and shells - does it even matter if it’s Windows, MacOS or Linux? We’re going to talk about our respective experiences with various operating systems over the years and try to see in what direction this fundamental part of our ecosystem is headed. Listen to us to learn more about Windows, MacOS, Linux and some other operating systems and why we might prefer one or the other for our use cases.

External sources being mentioned:

Codecafeteria Twitter poll results

Jennifer Doherty: Command-line scripting options for mixed-OS teams

Some sources for laptop hardware for Linux:

Music by Chillhop: https://chillhop.com/listen

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