July 27, 2020

Episode 14 - Mechanical Keyboards

In this episode we talk about mechanical keyboards. A lot. We love mechanical keyboards!

But before we get into the depths of how they work and why we like them so much, we introduce two new sections to our podcast: "Personal News" and "Community News". The first one should be self-explanatory and in the community news section we specifically want to talk about recent developments and news in the Android, Flutter and CFML communities - the places were we mostly hang out.

When we eventually launch into the topic, we start off by talking about different keyboard technologies: rubber domes and membranes, butterflies and scissors and the mighty mechanical switches. If you always wanted to know what the difference between blue, red or brown switches is, you will learn that - and some other things - today. We even recorded their sound for you! 

A big draw of mechanical keyboards is the huge range of options how you can customise them. Mechanical keyboards come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from full size keyboard down to what's called a "40% keyboard". And did we mention that you can swap the key caps and make a keyboard truly yours? Yes, you can do that. And Lara has some experience with that to share! Also, it turns out that Lara learned how to property 10-finger-type at school. WOAW! 

Join us for fun and entertaining 84 mins talking about the joy of owning one or multiple mechanical keyboards!

Some of the links we mentioned in the episode:



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