July 5, 2020

Episode 13 - We talk about CVs, Resumes and Lebensläufe in tech with Raquel Moss

In this episode we talk about CVs in tech with our friend Raquel Moss. She's is a software engineer from New Zealand, currently living in Krakow in Poland. She works for ConvertKit, mostly on web applications with Ruby and Javascript and is a very avid knitter.

The hiring process in the tech industry regularly gets pushed into the spotlight for inappropriate processes, inconsistent interview standards, whiteboard interviews or recruiters who only look for keywords in a CV without looking at the person behind the application. It's probably fair to say that these complaints are quite often being raised rightfully.

As part of her job, Raquel has seen quite a few CVs (she reckons about 1000 or so) and we obviously have been at either or even both sides of the table at some stage in our careers. So, we all have opinions and spent a bit of time discussing tech CVs the other day. We're pleased to share the outcome with you as Episode 13 of this podcast.

We cover a wide range of topics:

  • Local/Regional variations of CVs
  • Who reads them and are they really *that* important?
  • Are tech CVs different than ...well... "other" CVs?
  • What needs to go into a CV and what not. And how long does it need to be?
  • Should people have a cover letter or is that a relic of the 1980s?
  • How to manage and evolve a CV (Spoiler: treat it as code)
  • Are there services to help with writing a good CV?

Last, but not least: Raquel's newest side-project launches this week. It's an email series on teaching developers better and more structured debugging. You should totally sign up for it!



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